The student-centered educational system is our main strategy at Medipol

Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn the fundamental principles significant to the entire body of dental knowledge. Students are expected to learn basic health sciences, get proficiency in clinical skills, and develop an understanding of professional and ethical principles as well as reasoning and learning critical decision-making skills that will enable them to implement the dental knowledge base. The priority of the AMU School of Dentistry is to ensure a high level of education by providing the students with the most up-to-date information and technological development. We, therefore, intend to provide research opportunities for students and staff and, thus, to contribute to academic development at an international level.


To educate and train the students as dentists who know that mouth and dental health are important components of physical health, work independently, gain critical thinking proficiency and problem-solving skills, and have the necessary knowledge in order to protect the health of mouth and teeth. Upon the completion of the program, the students will be able to receive their own patients.

Students must successfully finish all courses practices, and clinical trainings set by the program, taking at least 300 ECTS have a right to receive a diploma. Graduation eligibility is determined by academic average score. For this purpose, the sum of the weighted scores of all courses taken throughout the education is divided by the sum of ECTS values.

Graduates may serve as physicians in public institutions, private sector, research institutes, or universities.