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Welcome to Vocational School of
Ankara Medipol University

A computer programmer is an assistant person who knows computer programming languages, has sufficient infrastructure, and possible to develop code in algorithm programming, computer application development, and software projects. After completing the program, an associate degree diploma and computer programming technician title will be awarded. The aim of the program is to educate students who are preferred in the public and private sectors, who are respected, dormitory, contemporary, and who will meet the needs of our country with international knowledge in their field. After graduating from the associate degree program, there is a vertical transfer exam to study in undergraduate programs.

Students who successfully complete all courses, applications, and internships envisaged in the program and have a total of 120 ECTS credits are entitled to receive a diploma. Graduation grade point average with a high score.

The education period is 2 years and the language of instruction is Turkish.

This program mainly aims to have computer programming students recognize different programming languages used in the computer programming community. Students will be motivated by the seminars given by invited professionals. The program will also motivate the students to perform research on the selected topics.

Students must successfully finish all courses and internships set by the program taking at least 120 ECTS credits in total, to be granted the Bachelor’s degree. Graduation eligibility is determined by academic average score. For this purpose, the sum of the weighted scores of all courses taken throughout the education is divided by the sum of ECTS values.

Students who complete our course schedule could work as a computer program developer, web developer, mobile application developer, database support technician. In addition, they could also be positioned in Information Technology offices as a qualified support technician.