Face To Face Education and Programme of Final Exams For School of Medicine and Dentistry

Dear Students,

 Postponed hands-on lectures for the School of Medicine and Dentistry of Ankara Medipol University in the Fall and Spring Semesters depending on the pandemic conditions shall be openned in the months of April, May and June as face to face and formal education by obeying the rules of social distance and taking into consideration the pandemic conditions.

In the first part of our programme, we are planning to have the postponed courses due to the pandemic, in the second part of it, we are taking make-up and final exams face-to-face. You can review the lists of the course groups, the dates of the courses, the lists of the exam groups and the dates of exams elaborately.

This study shared with you can be changed in the cases of Pandemic or emergency by giving you a heads up.


For the list of the exam groups and the dates of the exams, please click on here!