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Welcome to Vocational School of Health Services

These professionals are trained to skillfully assist in every step of the process, including the control of the machine and equipment, the preparation of mask, the treatment chair, and protective lead block, as well as the preparation of the patient for both therapy and simulation.

The graduate of this program, the radiotherapy lab technician, is a required staff member that would assist in the phase of preparation and that of therapy radiation oncology experts and/or radiation physicians. Radiotherapy has become a quite frequent method of treatment, and it is applied by the related departments in the state, university, and private hospitals, which points to the high employment rate for the graduates of this program.

The aim of this program is to educate professionals capable of assisting radiation oncology experts in the processes of radiotherapy and simulation.

Students must successfully finish all courses and internships set by the program taking at least 120 ECTS credits in total, to be granted the Bachelor’s degree. Graduation eligibility is determined by academic average score. For this purpose, the sum of the weighted scores of all courses taken throughout the education is divided by the sum of ECTS values.

The program graduates have job opportunities in private sector establishments, state hospitals, etc. They can also open their own workplace.