The student-centered educational system is our main strategy at Medipol

The School of Pharmacy consists of a five-year program in 100% Turkish and 100% English. It provides its students with professional educational and research enabling them to make the grade in their professional life. The School of Pharmacy trains a student for a victorious career in the field pharmaceuticals. For a satisfactory preparation, the future pharmacists are made acquainted with courses in basic sciences. The degree trains the students to become practitioners of pharmacy with absolute responsibility towards supervision of drugs on patients


The aim of Ankara Medipol University School of Pharmacy is to prepare their graduates as ones who can synthesis active pharmaceutical ingredients in all fields of pharmacy, prepare drug formulations and performing their quality control, identifying the mechanism of actions of therapeutic drugs and performing their physical, chemical, pharmacological, toxicological analysis and paying attention to pharmaceutical care .

Students must successfully finish all courses , and practices set by the program, taking at least 300 ECTS have a right to receive a diploma. Graduation eligibility is determined by academic average score. For this purpose, the sum of the weighted scores of all courses taken throughout the education is divided by the sum of ECTS values.

Graduates may serve as physicians in public institutions, private sector, research institutes, or universities.