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Politics is all about choices. The science of politics explores all those choices, actors who make choices and interactions among political actors.


International Relations and Politics


International Relations (IR) is a sub discipline under the broader field of the Political Science and it is the study of the interactions of actors in the international system. Traditionally the discipline of IR analyzes the nature of violent conflict, interstate war, deterrence, cooperation, alliances, political power, the balance of power, economic sanctions, economic growth and stability, international institutions, human rights, NGOs and other transnational actors and globalization. In light of most recent global trends the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Medipol University has established its program to equip its students with necessary skills and abilities to be ready for global realities and changing conditions in the new millennium.

Ankara Medipol University Department of Political Science and International Relations aims to teach the fundamental concepts, theories, principles, methods, and approaches of international relations, political science, foreign policy, governance, political systems, and actors. It aims to improve students’ knowledge to understand the problems in these fields and develop their skills to resolve them.

Students must successfully finish all courses and internships set by the program taking at least 240 ECTS credits in total, to be granted with the Bachelor’s degree. Graduation eligibility is determined by academic average score. For this purpose, the sum of the weighted scores of all courses taken throughout the education is divided by the sum of ECTS values.

May be recruited in public and private institutions, research institutes and universities