Medipol is a brand that assures maintaining a warm and friendly climate for its all associates, from the students to the faculty. By all means, we encourage them both to pursue their academic goals and to develop tight friendships. We do not only want our students to be prepared for life but also urge them to enjoy the atmosphere of higher education at its best whilst they are at Medipol.

We firmly believe that your future career building at Medipol will be the best investment you will make.

As a foundation university, Ankara Medipol University (AMU) is providing educational services to approximately 650 foreign students from 45 different countries.

Pointed toward creating science and innovation, the named administrations are actualized by turning to first-class instructive strategies. Owing to our academicians with global benefits in their fields and front-line instructive cogwheels, AMU programs have possessed the possibilities to keep the maintenance of a more promising world to come.

Our Mission

Ankara Medipol University (AMU), offering unique educational services,  has made a prime commitment to

  1. Train with praiseworthy excellence;
  2. Focus on producing science and technology.

Additionally, the prospective trained individuals in AMU are able to respond to continually changing demands of society and contribute to the scientific insights and social welfare.

Our Vision

Enriched with three built-in features of a strong organizational culture, entrepreneurship spirit, and durable dynamism, AMU – being a leading university – will enlighten and guide science and society.