Application Related Questions

Admission requirements:

  • A completed application form
  • Notarized translation of High School Graduation Certificate from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in candidate’s home country
  • Notarized translation of the transcript certificate from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate’s home country.
  • Original copy of the test result report approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate’s home country. Example: SAT DI: 7226
  • High School Graduation Equivalency Certificate, which shows that the certificate is equivalent to high school diplomas issued in Turkey, from Turkey Embassy or Consulate in the candidate’s home county.
  • A copy of the personal details page of the passport approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the candidate’s home country.
  • A student visa obtained from the Turkish Embassy.
  • Candidates applying to the English programs are required to prove their English proficiency. For example, TOEFL DI: 3619
  • Candidates applying to the Turkish programs are required to prove their Turkish proficiency from AMU Turkish Proficiency Exam.
  • Permanent residence card to submit to AMU student affairs within one month after enrolment.
  • Four passport photographs.
  • A bank receipt showing the payment of tuition (the whole or a part of)
  • A document proving that the applicant was financially sponsored during education.
  • Student information form (to be completed at the time of registration).

We do not accept documents by post or fax. All documents should be delivered in person. If the candidates cannot deliver the documents by themselves, they can be delivered by a proxy.

We do not accept documents by post or fax. All documents should be delivered in person. If the candidates cannot deliver the documents by themselves, they can be delivered by a proxy.

The exams, diplomas and required scores accepted in the application are:

  • Candidates who got 60 out of 100 in the Entrance Examination for Foreign Students, held by Measuring, Selection and Placement Centre in Turkey.
  • Candidates who have a high school diploma with a grade of 60 out of 100.
  • Candidates who have received at least 4 points on ABITUR.
  • Candidates who have a total score of at least 1000 from SAT1 exam, which is valid for 2 years)
  • Candidates from Iran who have a high school diploma (Diploma Debirestan) with a grade of 15 out of 20, and who have Pişdaneşgahi grade 15 out of 20.
  • Candidates who hold a French Baccalaureate diploma with at least 12 diploma grades.
  • Candidates from Syria who attended to Al Shahada Al Thanawiyya Exam need to have 180 out of 240 in the science section for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and, Pharmacy; for the other faculties, they need to have 170 out of 240.
  • Candidates who got at least 70 in the science section of the Tawjihi exams which are held in Jordan and Palestine.
  • Candidates who have three A levels (one of them must be related to department candidate wants to study) on the GCE exams.
  • Candidates who have at least 22 for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and, Pharmacy; at least 20 for other faculties on the ACT (American College Test).
  • Candidates who have 15 diploma grades in the Scientific Stream of the Baccalaureat Libanais which is held in Lebanon.
  • Candidates who have an International Baccalaureate diploma with a grade at least 30.
  • Candidates who received gold, silver and bronze medals in the International Science Olympics, participated by TÜBİAK.
  • Candidates with a score of at least 480 out of 750 in the program type applied in the Gaokao exam which is held in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Candidates who got at least 90 out of 120 in the National University Test in Kazakhstan.
  • Candidates from Libya who attended Al Shahada Al Thanawiya Exam need to get 180 out of 240 the Scientific Stream for the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Candidates who got at least 60 from the Ujian Nasional Exam, which is held by the Indonesian Ministry of Education across the country.

A letter of acceptance is sent to you within 3 working days after you completed your application.

Our annual tuitions change every year, you can check our website for detailed information or you can reach us through the information below:

[email protected]

[email protected]
+90 312 508 8779

+90 312 508 8777

+90 312 508 8776

+90 312 508 8772

You can pay the tuition in full or in installments. The student receives a discount on in advance payment. You can pay the tuition in 2 installments.

We have scholarship opportunities for up to 25%. You can obtain detailed information during the registration period.

Each year, our university provides Success Scholarships to undergraduate students who are placed in the top ranks and meet the designated requirements. The students who earn the Success Scholarship are selected according to the weighted grade point average (GPA) and other conditions in the completed academic year and the relevant scholarship is valid only for the following year.

Students were accepted to 14 programs of Vocational School of Health Services and Vocational School of Higher Education in the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year.

You can find the 2020-2021 Academic Year program, quota and tuition information below.

Students were accepted to 17 programs of faculties and vocational school, in the 2019 – 2020 Academic Year.

You can find the 2020-2021 Academic Year program, quota and tuition information below.


Vocational School

There are 1 master programs and 1 doctorate program in the Institute of Health Sciences-Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

The language of instruction is %100 Turkish and %100 English. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the language of instruction of 7 undergraduate programs are 100% English.

You can fill the application form online, and then you need to deliver your papers in person. For more information, visit

You can apply for the travel card in the EGO (Transport for Istanbul) Ankara kart Application Centre with your student certificate. For more information click the link below:

The equivalence certificate is the certificate issued by the Ministry of National Education or Education Attaches abroad. You can apply in person by going to the Ankara Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Visa procedures are the responsibility of the candidates. It is very important to complete the documents requested by the consulate/embassy of the destination country during the visa application process.

Exchange Programs Related Questions

Erasmus, Farabi, and Mevlana exchange programs are implemented in our university.

Participation of students/staff in Erasmus + mobility activities is provided by higher education institutions where they are students/staff. Higher education institutions schedule their own election process and select the students and staff to be sent. Students/staff make their applications to the institutions where they are students/staff at the time which is announced by the higher education institutions.

You can only go to the countries/ institutions we have an agreement with. However, the student/staff can lead the higher education institutions they enrolled to make an agreement with the institutions abroad.

Inter-institutional agreements are signed between the faculties/departments of higher education institutions by the authorized persons of those institutions in a way to allow mobility of a certain number of students/staff for a certain period. Although students do not have the opportunity to make inter-institutional agreements, it is possible for them to help the university officials to find institutions to make an agreement. However, agreements cannot be exclusive to a student, even though the student created the basis of the agreement. Each agreement is in the name of the institution and for all the students.

Students can do internships at places recommended by their institutions, also they can find their internship places themselves and apply to those places via the International Office of their institutions. Students who apply to internship institutions recommended by their higher education institution or those who found their internship places will be selected according to the criteria of the academic year they applied.

The academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions who wish to improve themselves and exchange experiences with European colleagues can apply to mobility programs.

The extension of the mobility program will be possible in case of the approval of the student’s request by the higher education institute. If there is enough funding to support the student for one more semester, the student can extend the mobility program with a grant. If there isn’t enough funding to support the student, the student can extend the mobility program without a grant, provided that all the program rules are applied. On the other hand, an extension of the mobility program will only be valid if the students continue their education in the same higher education institution as the first semester. If the student/staff wants to attend a mobility program for the second time in a different country, a new application and selection process is required.

Erasmus mobility program should be completed only in one institution from the beginning to the end. Students/staff should finish their mobility program in the institution they have started. For example, when the student/staff should do their internship for at least 2 months in the same intuition. Otherwise, their internship may not be in the terms of Erasmus mobility program and they may not be given any grant.

No, you need to be a student. On the other hand, a change made in the new semester allows students who graduated recently to attend an internship mobility program. This allows students who have applied to the internship program while they are students to attend internship mobility within one year after their graduation for up to 12 months. If the students want to attend the internship activity after graduation, they should apply to the higher education institution while they are still students. Applications after graduation are not accepted.

Students have the opportunity to benefit from Erasmus mobility activities with or without a grant for a total of 12 months for each level of education.

Student Information System (MEBIS) Related Questions

You can choose courses, examine the courses you have taken, access the information about the exams, check your grades, request documents such as student certificate, transcript and course contents, make payment, review the past payments and download the receipts, check your course program, participate in surveys at the end of the semester.

Click “I forgot my password” section on the MEBIS home page and reset your password. In order to do reset your password, your e-mail address and mobile number must be registered to the MEBIS. If there is a lack of this information, you need to visit the Student Affairs Office.

You can request a new student ID the card by clicking the Document Request section in the MEBIS system.

You need to visit the Student Affairs Office.

If the status of the student id card is ready on the Document Request section, you can take your card from the Information Technologies Department on your campus.

Param Card is an electronic money account which belongs to TURK Elektronik Para Inc. Param Card which you can make a deposit and is valid in regular and online shopping.

You can apply via the link below to open an account.

You can create a password on the application and with the same password, you can make transactions. Once your account is active, you can use the card as a debit card. With your debit card, you can withdraw money from the cash machines of all the banks 24/7. You can make a deposit to your Param card by EFT, transfer, cash machines or online banking. You can check your Param card account transactions on the mobile application.

Features of Param Card

It is a member of the TROY card scheme which is only available in Turkey.

Param cards offer you advantages when you use it in the member merchant contracted with Param card.

You can follow up with the advantageous campaigns up to date and get information about their details.

You should check the website as the number of member merchants contracted with Param is constantly increasing.

Student Accommodation

Unfortunately, there is no dormitory in the Campus. However, in the district where the Campus is located, there are a lot of dormitories since there are universities located in the area. Due to its location, it is easy to reach downtown. During the student orientation period, students and parents are informed about nearby private and state dormitories and guesthouses.

After you have registered at the university, you can register for the dormitory. You need to bring some papers when you or your proxy come here to register.

Dormitory applications and registration dates are published on the dorm website.

Library Related Questions

There are libraries in the Campus. For more information about the library, please visit their website.

Transportation Related Questions

You can use public transportation with ease.

Sport Activities And Student Clubs Related Questions

Student Clubs

As of 2019-2020 academic year, we have 19 active student clubs within our university. The list of our student clubs can be reached from the student club responsible in the Health, Culture, and Sports Department. Our clubs are active in various fields including personal development, professional development, social responsibility, idea-thinking, and sports.

Before the application, the clubs must determine the advisor’s academic staff and the control board of 15 people. You need to fill the forms, which can be taken from the Health, Culture and Sports Department, and deliver it to the same department at the specified date. Afterward, the clubs that have obtained the approval of the department and the rector, become active.

You may be a member of more than one club, but you cannot be a manager in multiple clubs.

Clubs conduct various activities according to their field of activity. Since the groups addressed by each field also differ, their importance varies according to the field of activity of the clubs. Summits, congresses and conferences, interviews, exhibitions, and sightseeing tours are some of the most common types of events.

If the student is a part of the control board, the list of the control board with the new member must be submitted to the Health, Culture and Sports Department for the update. If you are a manager of a club and you want to leave, you need to write a petition with the new manager and deliver it to the Health, Culture, and Sports department.

Sports Activities

Basketball (Women and Men) Team
Volleyball (Women and Men) Team
Football (Men) Team
Indoor Football (Men) Team
Table Tennis (Women and Men) Team
Kickboxing (Women and Men) Team
Tennis (Women and Men) Team
Athletics (Women and Men) Team
Handball (Men) Team
Archery (Women and Men) Team
Chess (Women and Men) Team

You can apply when the new school year starts. For teams, you must first register for auditions. Registrations are made through the booths which are located the halls of the university at some specified times. After registering, our team coaches evaluate the students in the 2-week process with auditions and recruit them to the team. After getting into the team, the information about the necessary documents is transmitted to the team athletes.

Health, Culture, and Sports department’s sports unit decide on this subject. During the decision process, requests from students are evaluated and submitted to the rectorate for approval.

Students who want to leave the team can leave at any time, but when they leave, an athlete does not benefit from the discount and cannot be taken back to the team unless they have a necessary excuse.

The Continuing Education Centre directs sports courses. The university has only school teams.

No, unfortunately, we do not have a sports hall. There are only 2 outdoor (Basketball-Volleyball) fields on the North Campus and 1 outdoor facility (Astro pitch, 2 basketball-volleyball, and 3 single pots) on the South Campus.

Sports equipment can only be used by the students in the teams during the training and competitions.

Of course, international students can benefit from the scholarship in the regulations of the university, but they must take part in school teams.

Only if you receive a degree (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in individual branches, there is merit pay.

You can find more information about this subject on the bursary/scholarship section.

Dining Service-Related Questions

The catering services of Ankara Medipol University Campus are provided by a private catering company.

There are numerous cafes, canteens and buffets in the Kavacık, Haliç and Bağcılar campuses. Our canteens and buffets offer different tastes from Turkish and international cuisine, beverages, and breakfast. On the other hand, Polin Cafés located at the Kavacık and Bağcılar Campus are the places where students spend pleasant times with the cafes’ stylish and modern architecture and delicious presentations. Polin Cafés offer hot and cold drinks, breakfast and food menus and cakes. Also, there are plenty of international and local fast-food chains at the Kavacık South Campus.

Questions About Career Office

Students working within the university are supported. Part-time students are employed in the units, in accordance with the needs of each unit. Requests are made directly to the relevant units.

Internship opportunities vary in the departments of our university. If your department has a compulsory internship, you can discuss the details when you send your CV to the Career Office.

Career Office is the unit that tries to bring the business world and the students closer to each other in terms of work, internship and career. In this context, studies are carried out.

Some of the projects are;

  • Career Fair
  • Vocational Courses Program
  • Interview Simulation
  • CV Consulting
  • Career Chat / Career Event
  • Individual Development Trainings
  • Case Study
  • Workshop
  • Mentoring
  • Graduate Relations
  • Career Ambassadors
  • Work, Internship and Interview Workshops

You can check the dates and times of these events through the Career Office’s Instagram account.

Career Office is on the B2 floor of Block A of the South campus.

Email address: [email protected]

Extension number of the director of the Career Office: 2364 (Emre Urfalı)

The Career Fair is an event where students and companies in the business world can communicate.

Vocational Courses Program is a program where students can transform their theory into practice, where the students and the experts from the sector can meet and talk about the business world.

Individual Development Training project is carried out in order to contribute to the personal development of the students, to raise their own awareness and to create training with the demands of the students.

CV Consultancy is the consultancy given to the students to create their CVs in the best way and to improve their existing CVs.

Interview Counselling is a consultancy for students to gain interview experience during their internship and preparation for business life.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected] to get counselling.

Career counselling is provided by a psychologist in our office. In Career Counselling, a personality test is applied to students.

You can be informed about our Career Office activities by visiting our website, social media accounts, and our office.