Welcome To Turkey

You may have lots of reasons to come to Turkey!

Turkey is an attraction to everyone in the world because of the spiritual and physical features which are unique to each single city.

It is a country that gathers the cultures of the East and West together.

You can analyze the culture and tourism options from this link: http://www.kultur.gov.tr/?_dil=2

We also would like to inform you about the legal procedures you need to obtain as an international student.

Residence Permit & Visa

About Visa

It is highly recommended that before coming to Turkey you should apply for the student visa. You can apply with your “letter of acceptance” from  Medipol University and a completed visa application form. You can do it in the nearest Turkish Consulate in your country

Residence Permit

If you are going to stay for more than 90 days you have to apply for permit residence in Turkey. As the International Office we will provide help to you step by step about informing. The process will start after your arrival. You may check this website in order to get detailed information: http://www.goc.gov.tr/icerik6/residence-permit-types_917_1060_8865_icerik As an exchange student you will apply for the student residence permit.