Ankara Medipol University has an academic staff that is in search of significant worldwide accomplishments. This strong structure, supported by advanced research and quite important succuss experiences in the past of Medipol, students have a great opportunity to become scientists. Students who want to progress towards becoming scientists are encouraged in this regard from their first year. They are included in research projects with all kinds of opportunities, where they can benefit from the experience of expert instructors.

Students learn the basic research principles of being a scientist both theoretically and practically as a research assistant in the first year of their education. In their second year, they start working on a real research project as research students under the supervision of an academic. Students start focusing on their projects from the third year. They can start their master’s or Ph.D. theses if they wish while continuing their undergraduate classes and can progress faster in their careers.

You can get a second diploma and a certificate with double major and minor programs, along with the diploma of the program you study. For detailed information, you can reach us on +90 444 20 10.