Make an Online Application

Click on the  “APPLY NOW” button and fill the application form. 

You will mainly need:
– Graduation Certificate/Diploma
– Transcript
– Passport
– English Language Certification (If you have)
– Residence Permit (If you have)




 Offer Letter (Conditional Acceptance)

If you get accepted to the program, you will receive an offer letter that states all the conditions and information about the program you have been accepted for.  After you receive the offer letter you will have to make the deposit payment within a couple of days to secure your seat for the related program.


 Official Acceptance Letter

Once you accept the offer letter and make the payment you will receive an official acceptance letter. This proves that you have been officially accepted to the related program. With this letter, you can apply for a student visa to come to Turkey. Then all you will need to do submit your original documents as required in the offer letter at the campus.

You will be added to our Student Information System (MEBİS) that you can see all your studentship data, your courses, your documents, and everything related to your study. The international office will provide you your user name and password for the system.




 Enrollment and Completing Registration

When you come to the campus, we will complete your registration together at the international students’ office. You will have to present all your documents with original Turkish translated hard copies including an equivalency certificate.